Tara Brown Equine Artist
Tara Brown interviewing Carol Layton about the advantages of Bare foot trimming and Hoof Boots.

Camera and Edit by Paul Denham
Tara's role as Lydia Spink in "Bang, you're dead' has been well received with terrific reviews.

Tara received wonderful reviews for her performance as Catherine (Kate) in the stage play "The Winslow Boy". This brilliant script, written by renown playwrite Terence Rattigan, is based on a true story. July 15 - August 5, 2011

Tara's successful performance as Cora in 'The Dark at the Top of the Stairs, touched many hearts and received brilliant reviews. An emotive performance, of a complex character, in a challenging play written by famous play write William Inge. Nov 19 - Dec 4, 2011

Tara's memorable performance in Katie Forgette's 'Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Jersey Lily' again received rave reviews. Her ability to create three different characters from the same base character was enchanting to the audience. Believable as an old Irish maid to Holmes (Mrs McGlynn), an innocent Scottish personal assistant (Irma Tory) to Lily Langtry, and a wicked, cockney crook (Kitty Dupree). An highly entertaining performance, that once again exposed Tara's gift and talent.

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Tara is currently performing on stage. Estella, in Great Expectations.




Tara can be seen reporting for Horse Talk TV in season 1 and 2.

Horse Talk TV aims to educate and entertain people interested in horses through the medium of TV this program. The show is targeted to the equine community and its associated clubs, organisations and equine businesses.

Internationally the show can be viewed in New Zealand on Triangle and Stratos TV, and in the USA, HRTV. Horse TAlk TV is following its successful launch of Series One, to over 18 million viewers, with Series Two in late September, 2010.

Horse Talk TV won the award for " Outstanding Information or Lifestyle Program " at the 2010 Antenna Awards held in Melbourne on Sunday the 27th June.

'TARA BROWN' The Artist
Tara began painting in 2001.

Her passion for horses was her birthright.
Although not inherited, the love of horses runs through her veins as powerfully and freely as her blood. This passion was given to her by the creator, as was the ability to paint these magnificent creatures.

Through these pages you will see horses the way Tara sees them, you will feel the emotive sensitivity she has and feels for them.

First and foremost Tara is an artist.
Her passion and closeness also enables her to successfully and naturally work and ride horses.
Tara's acting ability however is inherited. Tara's mother being an extremely talented and successful model and actress.
All these talents culminate in a woman who desires to live her passion and help others see horses the way she does, lovingly and passionately through her paintings.

Enjoy your time scrolling through these pages.
Welcome to the Art of TARA BROWN.

Tara Brown during Promotional Photoshoot for "Jessie"
This film is in the making.

Tara Brown behind the scenes on the film test "Jessie"

The story of an Australian Bushranger, who was a she!

Tara plays the lead character of Jessie Hickman in the
upcoming Local Legends production of "Jessie".

Tara's lifetime of horse experience, performing on stage, infront of the camera, and on the small screen culminated in winning her this role.

Tara Brown

A Multi International - Award winning Equine Artist, and one of Australia's finest.
With work in collections throughout the world, Tara's work is highly sought after. Demand for Tara's work is met in part through her quality Limited Edition and Open Edition prints.
Commissioned work is available, but limited in number each year.
Tara continually supports the Equine communities by donating her Artwork to societies and organisations throughout the year.
Tara works primarily in Pastels but also works in Oils, Mixed Media, Watercolours and Graphite. Light, colour and movement are paramount elements in her compositions. Her work will truly captivate you.

Tara's passion for horses is captured in her work. If asked for three words that described Tara's work, they would be emotive, alive and captivating.

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